Marilyn Noble

In her 20-plus-year writing career, Marilyn Noble has written and published more than 500 articles on topics as diverse as aviation, business, art, food, agriculture, and travel. She's interviewed a diverse group of people including actors, artists, astronauts, CEOs, chefs, farmers, scientists, and small business people, all of whom are making the world a better place through their passions and commitments to their work. 

Marilyn is the author of four cookbooks: Citrus Essentials, Viva Chocolate,  Southwest Comfort Food:Slow and Savory, and The Essential Southwest Cookbook. She has also edited cookbooks and done recipe testing and development for other authors. She believes the best cookbooks are both accessible and challenging for home cooks, inspiring creativity in the kitchen.

Marilyn's communications work is centered on the non-profit world, mostly in food and agriculture, with a focus on sustainable, healthy eating and regenerative and humane livestock practices. 

In her personal life, Marilyn is the Colorado Governor for Slow Food USA, travels frequently, cooks when she's home, and splits her time between Colorado and Arizona.

About Marilyn.